10 Reasons to Visit the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum

The North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum is a must-see destination

  1. Underwater World exhibit holds the world’s largest giant squid fossil that was discovered in North Dakota.
  2. The Archelon is a 12-foot giant sea turtle that would have lived in the seas when North Dakota was covered by water. It’s about the same size as a Volkswagen Bug.
  3. Six-foot by 5-foot cyclorama of Double Ditch Indian Village was hand painted by artist Robert Evans. His work can also be seen at the Smithsonian and the Estate at Mount Vernon.
  4. The glass atrium is a nod to early Native American architecture. Similar to an earthlodge, it is constructed with 20 poles. The special night lighting resembles the Northern Lights.
  5. Dakota, the 67 million-year-old hadrosaur fossil, is outside the Geologic Time Gallery. It is one of only six known naturally preserved hadrosaur mummies with skin mostly intact and visible scales. It was discovered near Marmarth, N.D., in 1999.
  6. The NASA spacesuit built by a team at the University of North Dakota.
  7. You can smell real buffalo wallow.
  8. An outdoor amphitheater is the perfect spot to watch plays and outdoor movies or enjoy a picnic in the grass.
  9. Cannonball! The large round stones outside the museum are called cannonball concretions and are the namesake of the Cannonball River.
  10. It is the only museum of its kind between Minneapolis and Seattle, and one of only 14 projects selected for a 2014 North American Copper in Architecture Award.

Make plans to visit the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum today!

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